Suggested Readings


"Pet Care Made Easy -
The Ultimate Guide To Making Great Decisions For Your Pets"

by Corinna Bollmann
published by

Corinna Bollmann talks about pet food ingredients, holistic foods, raw diet, holistic remedies, the truth about vaccines and safe and healthy alternatives. This book has been called "The new doggie Bible" by many readers!

"The Nature Of Animal Healing"
by Martin Goldstein, D.V.M.
published by Ballantine

Dr. Goldstein explains what holistic medicine is and how it works. Among many other topics he also talks about the link between diet and disease - and how the right diet can not only prevent disease but reverse it. A "must read" for all pet owners...

“Foods Pets Die For” and “Protect Your Pet”
are two books by Ann N. Martin.
published by Newsage Press

An eye opener about the ingredients of commercial pet foods.

“Give your Dog a Bone”
by Dr. Ian Billinghurst
Book available at and
Dr. Billinghurst educates on feeding dogs and cats raw diet.

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