Do you want to get your dog's nails clipped on a regular basis?

We offer a drive-through service for you and your pooch!

Long nails are uncomfortable and dangerous for your dog.

Our Nail-Clip Walk-In Clinic hours are:

Saturdays between 10:30am to 11:45am

Here is how it works

Wouldn't it be nice for your dog to have short nails? We offer a nail clip walk-in clinic every Saturday morning between 11am and 11:45am. For speedy service, just pull up in front of the doggie daycare and stay in your vehicle. Someone will come out and fetch your dog. We'll take the dog inside one at a time, do a quick little "Paw-dicure" and bring your pooch right back outside.

Most dogs need a regular nail clip every three weeks to maintain short nails. We call those follow-up nail clips, they are $8. If you come less frequently we charge $15. It really helps to do the nails on a regular basis to get them shorter and keep them that way. It avoids knee and hip problems for the dog and protects other pets, humans and your floors from damage done by claws.

Please email us the day before at to ensure that Corinna is here on Saturday for the clinic. If Corinna is not well or on vacation, there is no other staff member filling in for her.

We accept cash or debit.

Some of the nails we see here. . .

Below are the typical nails our visitors come with. See before and after! We are able to get them really short for you. Quite a difference, right?

Here is a nice example of a maintenance clip: